Cloudlist – the ADHD Todo App

One of the things I struggled with a lot was organizing all the ideas and things I want to do.

There’s always 1000 things I want to do, another 100 things I _need_ to do, and probably 1-3 things I _can_ do (because of available willpower, energy, etc).

For example, this morning I wanted coffee and a shower. In the bathroom, I realized I “needed” to trim the bathroom mat’s decorative tails because the roomba kept getting jammed on them. I also knew that the apartment was a mess and should be cleaned up a bit.

Anyway, I was able to do all of those things, but thinking about them, as well as all the other things I wanted to do, was de-motivating as it felt kind of overwhelming.

Currently the way I usually deal with this kind of thing is I open up my ongoing “Daily Plans” Apple note and add “coffee, shower, bath mat, clean” to the top and it will help me get those things done. Often, after adding these and doing them, I might not remember/care enough to remove them from that note.

This results in that note becoming very very long, and stressing me out, because it makes me wonder if I missed any important todos in it. In the last couple of years, at some point I will just skim it and accept that I might have missed important things and archive it. That’s why the current iteration of this note is called “Daily Plans 2022 After August.”

I’ve been trying to utilize a slightly more prioritized version of this with a google spreadsheet, but it hasn’t worked that well because I hate using google spreadsheets on my phone.

I’ve looked at various todo apps and other prioritization methods that might work for me, but never really found anything.

So in the last few months I’ve been thinking of a new cross-platform app to help me with this, and this morning I wrote up a description and posted it on upwork (, the website I use to hire developers to build apps for me.

Does this idea resonate with anyone?

The current working app name is RomanDo. It’s very egocentric, I know. Does anyone have better name ideas :)?

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