Adventure Time Music from Seasons 1-3

As promised, I present Adventure Time, the Soundtrack.

Archive of Adventure Time Music from Seasons 1-3 [23.1 MB]

I found most of them via youtube and the adventure time blogs. Support Adventure Time by buying the DVDs!

Track Listing:

Season 1

  • Adventure Time – Baby.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Billy!.mp3
  • Adventure Time – House Hunting.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Manlorette Party.mp3
  • Adventure Time – The Hero Boy Named Finn.mp3
Season 2
  • Adventure Time – Friends Shouldn’t Fight.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Fry Song.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Susan Strong.mp3
  • Adventure Time – The Stuff Song.mp3
Season 3
  • Adventure Time – All Gummed Up Inside.mp3
  • Adventure Time – All Warmed Up Inside.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Baby Finn Song.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Balloon Music.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Fionna And Cake Intro.mp3
  • Adventure Time – I’m Just Your Problem.mp3
  • Adventure Time – I’m On a Boat.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Ice King cover of fry song.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Journal Song.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Melons.mp3
  • Adventure Time – My Best Friends in the World.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Oh Fionna.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Sleepy Puppies.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Snow Golem’s Song.mp3
  • Adventure Time – Tropical Island.mp3
  • Adventure Time – We’re Finn and Jake.mp3


29 thoughts on “Adventure Time Music from Seasons 1-3

  1. Thanks so much! I’ve been looking for something like this. I greatly appreciate this. Your effort has not gone unappreciated.

  2. thank you sooo much!!!!! you need to soread this out it wasnt easy finding this and im sure lots of people would also be greatfull

  3. This is fantastic. I’ve been searching for these songs for awhile now, and it’s really great that you have been so kind as to post them here. 🙂

  4. thank you so much i been looking for them and couldnt find then but thanks again for the great upload

  5. Wow! Thanks! I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE! What a kind thing to do for the interwebs people. We appreciate it!

  6. There is this song at the end of the show. I really want that one but i cant seem to find it nor download or my phone is going cake. Thank you in advance

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