php wishlist script/app

Because I can’t help being self-absorbed and excited by all the presents I’m going to get for my birthday, and because I wanted to practice a bit with php, I made a PHP-based wishlist.

Basically it allows your friends to see your wishlist and get dibs on stuff you want so that multiple people don’t end up getting you the same thing.

It’s flat-file based because I don’t fully understand MySQL yet and I like not having to deal with a completely separate entity.

Files involved:

  • wishlist.csv – this contains all the stuff you want, with each line containing “item,description,link” with description and link being optional. Each time a person selects an item they’re going to get you, a wishlist2.csv is created with your original wishlist sans the item he/she picked, and then renamed to wishlist.csv.
  • index.php – reads wishlist.csv and creates a form with a bunch of radio buttons for each item you have
  • wishlist-form.php – processes the item selection and recreates wishlist.csv without the item picked, and shows a thank you message

Example of wishlist.csv:

Code for reading wishlist.csv and the form which displays it:

Lastly, wishlist-form.php:

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