How to Make Smartphone Apps

This month I will be holding several events teaching how to make apps in 7 steps using AppMakr – no programming required! Also, for every app you publish (using AppMakr or not) before June 15th, Microsoft will send you a $15 Amazon gift card.

Check back here soon for more details on dates and times of my workshops. I’ll also send a message to anyone who’s already RSVPed.

During the events we will be using the following guide to register on App Hub (app marketplace), create an app, and get it published for anyone to download and use.

If you want to get started by yourself (a good idea since the registration process takes 1-2 days) feel free to download the guide and if you get stuck on anything I’ll be sure to explain it at one of the workshops. Or just make a post on the wall.

If you end up publishing an app yourself, fill out this form and send me a facebook message:

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