Transfer iPhone Voice Memos via Email

If you’re like me, you may have run into some issues running iTunes (my favorite one was in which Apple’s recommended solution was to reinstall Windows to use iTunes again). Or maybe you dislike the way iTunes messes up your music library.

Unfortunately, if you use the voice recorder for interviews and personal reminders, but use a program like mediamonkey to manage the music on it, iTunes wont let you download the voice memos onto your computer without erasing the entire device first.

However, there is a way to get the memos without having to resort to  illegal (legal as of july 2010!) jailbreaking your iphone:

1) Open up the Voice Recorder app.

2) In your list of memos, click on the round blue arrow button next to the voice memo you’re interested in transferring to a computer.

3) Then, if you click the Share button, you can email yourself the memo!

The emailed memos are limited to a length of 2 minutes, but you can at least send them in segments.

This may not seem all that complex, but I wasn’t aware that the option existed, so perhaps someone else who has a similar dilemma will find this solution.

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  1. Jailbreaking is not a Crime… Again Youre REALLY Dumb. Stop posting stupid information, my 5 yo son knows what you posted

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