New Car!

Well, someone got one. Not me though. Poopers.

Oh well, I don’t want it anyway!

Also, had some famous Chicago “Italian Beef.” Just like Mom’s boiled beef but spicier – not bad:

Still haven’t had anything that particularly impressed me in Chicago, except for Igor’s cooking. Who knew?

Gotta try one of them Chicago dogs next time. Peace out.

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Life in Chicago

Thought I would write an entry for my first week in Chicago.

Arrived on Sunday, after a 5 hour delay at JFK due to stormy weather in Chicago – ominous, eh? Not all was lost however, as I got mints in a NES controller tin case, courtesy of Nintendo at JetBlue’s terminal 5.

So far I’ve been deep into work in Chicago, learning about investment trading and such. My online calculus course started too, but unfortunately haven’t been able to dedicate too much time to it. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the professor expects “24-26 hours” of work from students per week. That’s quite a few hours.

Living with my brother without having to pay rent is pretty sweet though. In return I clean =). Anyway, I’m gonna stop boring you and show some sweet pics:

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At least her credit card is safe.

(RetailDayton, OH, USA)

(A little girl walks up to me and my coworker. She is crying.)

Me: “Oh, honey. What’s wrong?”

Girl: “I can’t find my mom.”

Me: “Well, I can page over the speaker for her. What’s her name?”

(She gives me the name. My coworker gets a description of her mother as I page. When it’s a lost child, all we say is ‘We have something of yours’ for safety reasons. This is to make sure the child does go with their actual parent.)

Girl: “I think she left.”

Coworker: “No, she didn’t. She’s probably looking for you.”

Girl: “She said she was going to leave me if I didn’t keep up.”

Me: “She didn’t mean it. Don’t worry, she’ll be here.”

(We get the girl to talk about her school and dog to keep her mind off how scared she is. It is the longest we have waited for a parent to come. Her mother finally gets there, and stops as soon as she sees her daughter.)

Mother: “Oh, you! I thought I lost my credit card. Well, come on already! You’ve slowed me down enough.”

(The girl quietly walks over to her mother.)

Mother, to me: “Next time, just say it’s my daughter so I know not to rush!”


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