Citizen Gotham2 Folding Bike Review


I think I’m a fairly moderate user of bicycles. While I don’t commute on a bicycle every day, it’s one of my primary modes of transportation – whether I’m going to get groceries, on an errand, rock-climbing at my local gym, etc. Basically any destination that’s less than 10 miles away.

I have also often been in situations where I needed to transport my bicycle – the college I attend is 60 miles away so I often take a train to get there, or a car (if I have access to one). With a bicycle I can skip the subway/campus bus on my way to the train/parking lot, and also get around campus.

A normal bicycle is rather unwieldy in that you will either end up sitting in a special section on the train while making sure you’re bike is stable for 2 hours, if you’re lucky, or standing on the train for 2 hours. If you’re driving, you would need a large car to fit the bicycle, or a bicycle rack to set up every time you take it with you. This is where I was hoping a folding bike like Gotham2 would come in handy.

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Big Brother is Watching (on the internet)

Tracking all Americans on the internet? Easy. Just draft up a bill and call it “Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011.” Anyone opposing it is automatically a child molester.


By a 19 to 10 vote, a House committee votes to require Internet service providers to keep track of what their users are doing for one year in case it would be useful for future police investigations. …
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Finally, Some Bouldering

Tried out Hidden Peak Climbing Gym today with Igor. His first time bouldering, and I never did much besides V0 (easiest rating for bouldering routes) ones.

It was pretty cool. Tiny place, but had a cool vibe. Big sausagefest though, needs more girls.

on a V1-! Getting better =)!

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